SHAHEEN's Rotating Equipment division caters to spares like babbitted bearings, seals, deflectors and thrust pads, while the Cutting Tools division caters to carbide and brazed cutting tools like hot tapping cutters, drills, reamers and end mills. KSA's First Licensed Manufacturer
for Rotating Equipment Components
and Carbide Cutting Tools
Precision Fabrication & Machining Capability Over 30 years of hands-on
experience in
Precision Engineering

Who we are

SHAHEEN has strategic knowledge-sharing agreements in place giving us more than 30 years of combined operational expertise in the field of fabrication & machining, precision engineering and contract manufacturing.

Why us?

SHAHEEN is located in First Industrial Support Area, Jubail, and is the first and only licensed Rotating Equipment and Cutting Tools Manufacturing Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Supporting Vision 2030

In line with supporting diversity and local manufacturing, SHAHEEN is here to help you contribute to Saudi Vision 2030 by helping you manufacture, repair or regrind locally from Jubail.