Cutting Tools Division

We consult, design, engineer, and make cutting tools that are used to manufacture products not limited to the arts and entertainment industry, aviation, architecture, defense, robotics, technology and industrial sectors.


Carbide Cutting Tools

    • Carbide end mills
    • Carbide ball nose and micro cutters
    •  Carbide drill bits and step drills
    • Carbide reamers
    • Single and double end Chamfer cutters
    • Form cutters
    • Countersinks
    • Profile milling cutters as per requirements
    •  Single lip cutters
    • Radius cutters
    • T slot mills and grooving cutters
    •  Centre drills
    •  Pilot drills and reamers
    •  Dove tail cutters
    •  Counter boring tools
    •  Custom and special drills
    •  Flaring tools and form tools
    •  Special pins
    •  ID tools
    • Shearing blades and stencils
    •  Customized tools
    •  Wood roughing cutters
    •  Parting tool
    •  Regrinding Spot face cutters and lancer drill bits
    •  Regrinding of inserts and taps
    •  Regrinding of core cutters
    •  Regrinding of twist drills and beveling tools
    • Shearing blades and stencils

    Brazed Or Tipped Tools

    • All kinds of brazed tools as per customer requirements
    • Hot tapping cutters and pilot drills
    •  Concrete cutting blades
    •  Special drills
    •  Brazed reamers
    •  Special cutters
    •  Spline cutters

    Tools That Require Fabrication & Machining

    • Hot tapping cutters and pilot drills
    • Special tools and tool holders
    •  Washers, pins and sockets
    •  Gauges and punches
    •  Wear pads and tools
    •  Shafts
    Reverse Engineering

    For Manufacturing & Repair

    SACOM is able to re-engineer replacements for small and large cutting tools. These parts can be reverse engineered or even modified for improved performance characteristics based on client requirements.

    Quality Control

    ISO 9001:2015

    Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – William A


    We can design special tools and profiles based on application and material which not only saves costs but also helps in reducing client’s manufacturing times and increasing output


    SACOM specializes in manufacturing bespoke cutting tools that are not readily available in the local market. Our lead times are a sixth compared to international manufacturers.


    With a full fledged regrinding facility in Jubail, SACOM can help you maximize the usage of your carbide cutting tools at a fraction of the cost of a new tool and with quick turn around times


    With a technical team that is experienced and sound, we are always available to listen to your challenges and work hand in hand with you to find solutions to help you succeed.